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  1. My wife and I just had our honeymoon in Costa Rica and we loved it, but
    The exchange rate situation was a rip off BIG time. I have been fortunate to travel a lot both nationally in the states (I live in Cumming, Ga) and internationally and when I traveled internationally the exchange rates always held up BUT doun’t in Costa Rica. For example, when I traveled to
    China one year the exchange rate was roughly $1 dollar to 6 Yuan. And guess what!?… When I went to purchase a t shirt for example I was able to get it for $2 or 14 Yuan. Makes sense right? A t shirt should cost you around 10-14 in the states just like it should cost 10-14 Yuan (or $2 dollars) when in China. That’s just how it works. Same in Greece or France or anywhere else I have been. Well, in Costa Rica April 2016 the exchange rate is $1 to 533 Colones. This means in theory you should be able to buy, enjoy entertainment or whatever like a millionaire just with as little as $500 dollars. Makes sense right given the exchange rate and the fact that it works that way in any other county too. Think of it like this…. if the Colones represents tin foil and the dollar gold, well gold is obviously way more valuable and should therefore go a LONG way…. purchasing wise in Costa Rica. Out of the almost 50 countries I have traveled to this is the first one where the exchange rates DID NOT hold up. For example, I went to buy a t shirt in La Fortuna and they wanted $20 dollars or 10,660 Colones. Have you ever paid 10,660 dollars for a shirt in the states? No of course not. That would be insaine. I have 2 undergrad degrees in business from UGA and an MBA from Ga Tech and have studied business including exchange rates for years. I was baffled by the exchange rate or lack thereof in Costa Rica. Basically what they are doing is inflating the prices SO high that when you purchase something whether it’s a t shirt or a meal your’re paying American prices with American dollars. So if you buy lunch you can expect to pay $30-$60 dollars when given the exchange rate of $1 dollar to 533 Colones you should be paying pennies. The country was beautiful but I probably won’t go back just because the country has inflated the price tag on every item out in orbit and completely disregarded exchange rates. This is the one county that I have been to where the exchange rates do not hold up. Don’t be fooled like I was given the $1 to 533 exchange rate that you will live like a king. The country just took the prices and inflated them so much you should expect to pay what you would pay for entertainment etc in the states.

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