A Great Costa Rica Vacation Rental Option: Villas La Paz

Looking for the perfect Costa Rica vacation rental? Have we got the spot for you!

Villas La Paz

Villas La Paz

Living in La Fortuna is a blessing. We are awoken each day to the sound of the howler monkeys stirring and are serenaded to sleep at night by a medley of croaking frogs and clicking geckos. We are constantly surrounded by scenes of green, have regular access to sweet and juicy fruits, and are able to relax to some of the most eclectic and tropical music the world knows. For these reasons (and many others), our international friends and family often express their desire to visit – to be able to experience a bit of this heavenly rainforest for themselves. Ricky and I have hosted, hosted, and hosted some more, sharing the popular sites of the Arenal Volcano, the Monteverde cloud forest, the sugar-cane lined fields of Turrialba, and cultural hot spots spread out across our capital. From the top of the Poas Volcano to the shallow shores of the northern pacific, Nicoya Peninsula, central pacific, and Caribbean coasts, our relatives have just about seen it all. So what is a ‘visitee’ to do when their ‘visitors’ have become knowledgeable and experienced Costa Rica travellers who have already seen and done so much?

The answer? Rent a Costa Rica vacation home and plan to stay put! If there is anything that well-seasoned Costa Rica travellers have likely already learned throughout their travels it is that this country offers so much innate beauty that one does not need to travel far to find it. If this is the case, than perhaps in-depth travel throughout the country is not always required. Perhaps a relaxing and enjoyable Costa Rica experience will find these travellers wherever they are, without the need for them to always travel around to find it.

Lounge Area at Villas La Paz

Lounge Area at Villas La Paz

Of course, I would be the first person to explain to first-time visitors that thorough inner-country travel around Costa Rica is not only advantageous, but a ‘must-do’ in order to experience as much as this country has to offer. However, in cases where travellers have come to know Costa Rica as routinely and intimately as we have, there is a certain degree of accomplishment that comes with planning a ‘less-is-more’ vacation – one that in a sense throws tourism to the wind and instead makes room for a more raw and authentic Costa Rica experience.

Ricky at Villas La Paz

Ricky at Villas La Paz

To those travellers who are looking to do just this, we recommend Villas La Paz. The ‘peace villas’, as transcribed in English (who would want to stay anywhere else in the hopes of having a tranquil vacation?), are our favourite spot to stay at when we need to escape from work in La Fortuna and want to spend a few days relaxing near a beach. This vacation rental is also our ‘turn-to’ choice whenever our family is able to visit. Ideal for those travellers who have a rental vehicle throughout their trip (the vacation home may be a bit too secluded for some travellers without means of transportation to/from town), Villas La Paz offers a great location. Far enough from popular tourist centres yet close enough to everything you really need (the closest variety store is about a 10 minute drive away and the nearest large grocery store is about 10-15 minutes away), this vacation spot is not far from the small town of Brasilito (if trying to spot it on a map, zoom in on the Playa Conchal area along Costa Rica’s northern pacific coast). A small beach marks the end of the road that Villas La Paz can be found on (about a 2 minute drive or a 15-20 minute walk away) for those wanting quick access to the water. Otherwise, nearby Playa Conchal (about a 5-8 minute drive away) is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find here in Costa Rica (not to mention one of the country’s few white-sand beaches). If driving in the opposite direction of Playa Conchal (about 5-8 minutes again) you will find Playa Real – our favourite spot for catching an incredible sunset. For longer day trips, you can access the popular Playa Tamarindo (great for shopping) or Playa Flamingo which are about a 30-minute drive away.

Nikki at Playa Conchal

Nikki at Playa Conchal

In addition to its location, here are some other great things about Villas La Paz that keep us coming back time and time again:

1. The size of the casa rosada/pink house (Villas La Paz has 4 villas to choose from – our favourite is the casa rosada which features a large kitchen fully stocked with utensils and appliances, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge area complete with two hammocks, and easy access to the on-site pool).
2. Friendly owners, management, and on-site staff (available for security, cleaning, landscaping, and laundry purposes)
3. The property’s natural setting (this place could not be quieter!) and its distance from tourism/major developments such as high-rise hotels and all-inclusive resorts
4. Reasonable prices (especially for larger groups needing a vacation rental that offers numerous bedrooms)
5. Proximity to the LIR airport (an approximate 1 hour and 15 minute drive to/from the airport)

Capturing the Sunset at Playa Real

Capturing the Sunset at Playa Real

For additional property details, you can visit the Villa La Paz website directly at www.conchalcostarica.com
Property reviews are also available for reading through VRBO at http://www.vrbo.com/188662

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: What do you look for in a vacation rental?

Pura vida!

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  1. i (thought? i?) emailed this establishment twice but haven’t gotten a reply. i would like to inquire about availability in Jan., 2014.

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