Same Voice. Same Topics. Same Blog. NEW LOOK!

Look who got a makeover!

Old Blog Screen Shot

Old Blog Screen Shot

For those of you who have never visited us at Costa Rica Travel Blog before, the above is a sample of what we used to look like. As of this morning, we changed our look and are feeling spiffier than ever! Our new theme showcases our recent posts in a more composed and organized manner, making it easier for you to find interesting and informative articles about Costa Rica. We also plan to create an elaborate menu down the left-hand size of our blog providing visitors with easy access to our Costa Rica discounts.

To all those who have loved and supported us by visiting, reading, rating, commenting, liking, subscribing, following, pinning, tweeting, digging, forwarding, and stumbling upon us, we thank you for your faithful blogship!

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Compared to our old blog, what do you think of our newer and brighter self?

Pura vida!

One response to “Same Voice. Same Topics. Same Blog. NEW LOOK!

  1. Costa Rica is amazingly nice place, it looks like the kind of place you would not mind living in for a while.

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