Our “Best of Costa Rica” Photo Collection

Happy Jade? (Jade Museum in San Jose)

Nothing makes us happier than sharing our Costa Rica experiences with travellers. Photos included. Over the years we have snapped, re-snapped, and deleted thousands of shots aiming to portray the country’s beauty, essence, and purpose. We’ve been fortunate enough to capture some incredible moments (among having missed out on so many others) and its about time we share some of them with you. Our “best of Costa Rica” photo collection is an ongoing project for us, so check back often as we add to the ever-growing galley of images we’re sharing with you below.

Ricky... and his twin?

A new species of monkey in Costa Rica?

In true Pura Vida! eh? style, we’ve carefully selected photos to share that not only showcase beautiful Costa Rica but also tell you a bit about us. We appreciate the small things in life, we love colour and contrast, and we can both get a bit goofy on occasion (like the time we mimicked a statue in Monteverde or the time we spotted a new and rare monkey species at Zoo Ave in Alajuela). Some shots are aesthetically pleasing and others are downright funny. In any case, each photo speaks to us and is 100% our own.

Please note that the below gallery is not a compilation of Costa Rica photos taken from the internet. Each photo was captured by either Ricky or I with our own camera at some point or another throughout our travels around the country (with the exception of Ricky’s kayaking photo, as this was taken by a kayaking acquaintance down river).

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Which photo from our gallery is your favourite and why?

Do you have incredible photos from your Costa Rica trip? We’d love to see them! Send us your online photo album links and we’ll check them out.

As an added resource, check out our related photo set on Flickr.

Happy viewing and pura vida!

5 responses to “Our “Best of Costa Rica” Photo Collection

  1. Very nice text and pictures. I visited Costa Rica briefly a few years ago and thought it was beautiful. Our most fun family adventure there was our inept attempt at white water rafting….ouu the water was cold! See I landed in! Totally fun!

    • Judy –
      Your comment makes me smile! Ricky (a contributor to Costa Rica Travel Blog) was a white water rafting guide on the Pacuare River for years. When did you travel to Costa Rica and on which river did you raft? It is a small world – perhaps he was your guide! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  2. Nice photos, Looks like you had a great time there. By looking at your pictures, it makes me wanna go to Costa Rica as well to experienced what you had.

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