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Costa Rica Bucket List

Costa Rica Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list?

Costa Rica Bucket List
Costa Rica Bucket List

Earlier this evening ricky and I visited our local video rental shop in search of a new release. Failing to find one that we hadn’t already seen, I turned to the section of older movies – each one looking as if it hadn’t seen the light of day in ages. I came across the movie “Bucket List” (Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman), which popularized the concept of the same name (one’s list of things they would like to accomplish or do before they “kick the bucket”). I questioned what items might make the cut if I ever sat down and plotted out all that I would like to do and see in costa rica.

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I also remembered the countless things that have already been done, sights that have already been seen, experiences that have already been had, and lessons that have already been learned throughout my husband and I’s crazy travels around the country. As eternal tourists to our own home, we are in constant search of new findings in our own backyard and I wonder whether the recording and tracking of a bucket list would assist us in our feat towards continued learning. The problem, of course, is that such a list would be far too long and difficult for us to create, as our desire to record all that we wish to do and see in costa rica would certainly exceed our actual ability to carry out this task. If we tried, we would be left with a description of each and every thing that is available to see and do in costa rica, since we would want it all.

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However, as an individual that travellers trust and turn to for advice, I look to the bucket list with an eye for using the concept as a means of transmitting knowledge (to our Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated clients and to all travellers in general). Perhaps a different type of bucket list – one that focuses more on past accomplishments and how these can be used to better others’ experiences and less on one’s own personal aspirations – would be beneficial to travellers (not to mention easier for us to produce). If my bucket list could offer recommendations as to what travellers should do, rather than simply list all that they can do, perhaps this list would provide travellers with enough direction, reason, and encouragement to follow through with some of my suggestions.

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And so, item by item, I will continue to mark our travels, voice our experiences, and share our lessons learned with you on – now with the intention of lending you parts of our what-would-be bucket list. Our hope is that you will add these items to your list, and with any luck, a little interest, and a lot of passion, you will come to know the beautiful country that is costa rica.

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Been to costa rica? What would you recommend future visitors add to their bucket list?

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