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Your Costa Rica Travel Blog Favorites List!

Last updated on October 20th, 2017 at 07:11 pm EST

Welcome to your Costa Rica Travel Blog Favorites List! Since our blog offers hundreds of articles that can aid in your Costa Rica trip planning, our “Favorites List” feature can help you keep track of the information you want to save, remember, and/or reference at a later date. Whenever you find an article on our blog that you wish to save to your favorites list, simply click on the green “Love our article? Click here to save it to your Costa Rica Travel Blog Favorites List” button (located at the top and bottom of each of our articles) and it will automatically be saved to this page.

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Note: if the above list total does not reset to “0”, please refresh/reload the page to view the updated/cleared list

Note: the “Costa Rica Travel Blog Favorites List” feature uses internet cookies; if you clear your computer’s cookies at any time, your list items will be deleted. As a safety precaution, items will automatically be deleted from users’ wish lists 30 days after they were originally added.

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