What Do I Do With My Luggage When I Raft The Pacuare River?

You asked…

What do I do with my luggage when I raft the Pacuare River? Is it safe? Do I keep my luggage with me when I raft?

We answered…

For those travellers who opt to raft the Pacuare River with Exploradores Outdoors (our preferred Pacuare River rafting tour operator), after getting picked up in San Jose, Puerto Viejo, or La Fortuna/Arenal (according to the destination you choose to be picked up at) you will be driven to a town called Siquirres where you will stop to eat breakfast. Breakfast is enjoyed at a place called the Exploration Center – the local starting point for Pacuare River rafting trips. At this site there are giant metal lockers (large enough to hold many, many suitcases). These lockers are free and available for travellers to use should they wish to store any luggage and/or items during the day (a small bag containing items that you would prefer to keep with you during the tour including medication to be taken over the course of the day and/or sunscreen may be brought aboard the raft). After the rafting tour finishes you will return to the Exploration Center and the lockers will be opened so you can access your belongings (at the Exploration Center you may also change into dry clothes and/or buy souvenirs if you wish to do so such as a CD containing photos of the day’s rafting trip, t-shirts, etc.). From the Exploration Center you will then board the tourist van heading to either San Jose, Puerto Viejo, or La Fortuna/Arenal (according to the destination you choose to be dropped off at).

Overall, the process may appear a bit complicated, but it is a smoothly run operation. Because the rafting tour operator includes free transportation between a number of different cities in Costa Rica (most notably, San Jose, Puerto Viejo, and La Fortuna/Arenal), the majority of people who participate in the tour depart from one city and get dropped off in another. This means that most rafters bring their luggage with them and store it in the Exploration Center’s lockers throughout the day. Of course, if you choose to get picked up and dropped off at the same destination, there is no need to bring your luggage with you during the tour as this can remain at your hotel.


The following is a photo we took of Exploradores Outdoors’ luggage lockers at their Exploration Center:






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Rana Roja

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