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Thank-you to YOU! Costa Rica travellers are the best travellers in the world!

Thank-you to YOU! Costa Rica travellers are the best travellers in the world!

Last updated on June 25th, 2019 at 08:13 pm EST

A special gift
A special gift

This post is dedicated to the many costa rica visitors who we at Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated have had the pleasure of working with. To those of you who sought us out, those who found us through Trip Advisor, those who were recommended to us, those who met us through ricky and the pacuare rafting tour, and/or those who stumbled across us throughout your costa rican travels… thank-you and pura vida! 🙂 You make our job enjoyable, fun, exciting, and rewarding, your feedback impacts and assists other travellers worldwide, and your business has furthered the development of the “Travellers For…” Donation Project allowing us to reach out and support initiatives that change and save lives.

Each email that we receive, each letter/card/note that is passed our way, and each unnecessary (but much appreciated!) gift that we have been given by our clients motivates us to be the best that we can be for you, and for every future client who finds us as a direct result of your positive recommendation. We thank you for your support, offer you our friendship always, and look forward to helping you plan another wonderful vacation in the future should you ever choose to return to beautiful costa rica!

In looking back over the past few years of our business, reviewing clients’ comments, and thinking quite thoroughly about what it is that we strive to be as a company, we have developed the following business philosophy. Although this philosophy is available online (, we would like to post it for you below, in order to share with you directly how our unique experiences working with you in the past have shaped the company we are today.


At Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. In fact, our business philosophy quite simply is to be and do the best we can for the betterment of our clients, our business, ourselves, and our planet. A large part of this philosophy is rooted in great customer service. In client testimonials and online reviews, we are regularly referred to as friendly, caring, kind, attentive, and prompt – just a few of the qualities we are more than happy to offer travellers and that we feel travellers deserve. In addition, within the industry that we work, and given the nature of our business, we feel great customer service also embodies the following:

* Individualized attention to detail that focuses on travellers’ specific interests, needs, and budgets.
* Assisted Independence in allowing travellers to plan their own perfect vacation alongside our recommendations and support.
* Sensitivity to travellers’ personal desires, requirements, and/or limitations (stemming from physical abilities, religious traditions, and other diverse causes) throughout the trip planning process.
* Always putting travellers’ rights and rewards first.
* Open communication throughout the entire vacation process, including the planning stages, the vacation itself, and after the return home.
* Relief of stress, hassle, and worry, as well as gained comfort, while travelling out-of-country
* A sense of friendship gained – not only business accomplished – as a direct result of working together

Once again, on behalf of the entire Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated team, thank-you for your preference and the confidence you have shown in our company.


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