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Costa Rica Travel Blog Makeover!

Costa Rica Travel Blog Makeover!

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on September 29th, 2017.

Papa’s got a brand new bag blog.

Okay, mama does too.

More than six years in, our baby (a.k.a., our blog) has matured. So much so, that you may not recognize her anymore. Here’s a breakdown of what has changed, what is new, and what remains the same following this month’s big overhaul so you can navigate the new and improved Costa Rica Travel Blog with confidence and the utmost of ease.



The old Costa Rica Travel Blog made use of two menus: a primary top menu and a secondary left-handed menu sidebar. Our new blog merges the two into one menu (located just below our website’s title) and categorizes all blog posts under one or more of three distinct headings:

  1. Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Start here.
  2. Traveling on a budget? Use these.
  3. On your way? Know this.

Depending on whether you are 1) currently in the planning stages of your Costa Rica trip, 2) are in search of trip savings, or 3) are just about to travel to Costa Rica (or are currently in Costa Rica), you can quickly and easily access the category of blog posts you need. If you ever need to return to our blog’s front page, simply click on the “COSTA RICA TRAVEL BLOG” title text at the top of our website.

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Blog Design

We describe the new Costa Rica Travel Blog’s look as sleek and simplified. It features a white background, thin font, and plenty of sub-menu options for optimal website organization. In addition, our blog’s front page features our twelve most recent posts to help you identify our latest content, and our blog’s right-hand sidebar keeps important information, a website search bar, and helpful links handy throughout your browsing experience.

costa rica travel blog
The top portion of the front page of our new Costa Rica Travel Blog

Post Highlighting

We know your time is limited, so we added archive pages to our Costa Rica Travel Blog that suggest a number of posts of interest depending on the topic you search for, complete with a photo, title, and the first few lines of the post’s text. Not only are the archive pages visually appealing, but they can help you browse through the multitude of content available on our blog, and fast!

costa rica travel blog
An example of an archive page under our blog’s “Introductory Costa Rica Trip Planning” category

Costa Rica List Subscription

To make subscribing to our Costa Rica list easier, we have added subscription boxes to our right-hand sidebar and website footer. If you are interested in knowing when we add new Costa Rica discounts, cash back savings, promotions, recommendations, tips, or other helpful information to our websites, please subscribe below (or by using one of the subscription boxes that looks like the one below wherever you spot it on our website). Don’t worry, we won’t email you spammy stuff or information unrelated to Costa Rica travel. We take the protection of your contact information seriously and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe here:

Post Categories

Our right-hand sidebar provides the option to search our Costa Rica Travel Blog’s posts by categories. To help you locate the exact post(s) you are looking for, the following is a breakdown of our category hierarchy (displayed alphabetically):

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Post Content

The hundreds of Costa Rica Travel Blog posts that were published on the old blog are still published on the new blog. If you bookmarked one (or more) of the posts we wrote on our old blog, clicking on the bookmark link should automatically redirect you to the same post on our new blog.


We still claim to know almost nothing about every other country in the world but nearly everything there is to know about Costa Rica, so our purpose remains unchanged: to write about Costa Rica and little else.

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Blog Tagline

In line with our purpose outlined above, we still maintain that “the Costa Rica Travel Blog is the current traveller, will-be traveller, has-been traveller, and should-be traveller’s guide to everything Costa Rica. information, stories, news, and advice written by the Pura Vida! eh? Inc. team; Costa Rican insiders, outsiders, and everywhere-in-between-siders.” as set forth by our blog’s tagline. No changes there.

Post Authors

Posts on our Costa Rica Travel Blog remain 100% our original content. To remind you of this, we have added the signature below to the bottom of all posts (we also offer a kind reminder of our content’s property and a warning about plagiarism here).

Important Pages, including our “testimonials” page, “about” page, “ask us a question” page, “contact page”, and “view all posts” page

Our Costa Rica Travel Blog’s pages haven’t moved, so you can continue to access the following pages via the links you used previously:

Writing Style

We haven’t changed, and our writing style hasn’t either. We are still wonderfully witty and (we believe) on point with our advice and recommendations. Won’t you let us know if you agree and what you think of our new Costa Rica Travel Blog in the comments section below?

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: What do you like about our new blog? What would you like to see us add?

Pura vida!

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