Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica) – Funky Rainforest-Inspired Art

UPDATE: Amy’s art shop no longer exists in Manuel Antonio.

Great local artwork is just around the corner in Manuel Antonio (or should I say, just around the park)?

Canvas Painting - Purchased in Manuel Antonio

Canvas Painting – Purchased in Manuel Antonio

The above photo is a snapshot of a painting I purchased in Manuel Antonio in 2009. I fell in love with the painting when I first saw it and I still love it’s appeal today. I see bamboo, mountains, lake, rain, and volcano in the image (I even recognize the accurate green and grey sides of the volcano – whether or not this was intended, I am not sure) and I feel right at home with Costa Rica. Life in La Fortuna is evidenced by aspects of this picture: nearness to the base of the Arenal Volcano, Arenal Lake and the mountain range including Cerro Chato’s hump to the side – each blanketed by the freshness of rain. Although we have little bamboo here in La Fortuna, it is everywhere throughout the country, and rounds-out a painting so blatantly representative of a raw and natural Costa Rica.

Art Shop - Manuel Antonio

Art Shop – Manuel Antonio

I purchased the painting at a local art gallery located along the road to the entrance of the Manuel Antonio national park and beside the restaurant “Cafe del Mar”. The artist is Amy (last name unknown) and she has a small shop jam-packed with paintings of all sizes, subject matters, and quite obviously, colours. Her artwork is modern, funky, and rainforest-inspired, and she paints everything from toucans, frogs, fish, butterflies, and monkeys, to flowers, trees, and mixed/abstract rainforest scenes such as the one I opted to take home.

Manuel Antonio Artist

Manuel Antonio Artist

The above photo was taken from a video montage of Amy’s art. You can find this video here (source unknown):

As an art-lover, I have purchased a number of artistic pieces throughout my time in Costa Rica. The piece shared with you above is one of my favourites, and after 2 years, I still view it with the same excitement I did the day I found it. If you are looking to purchase artwork as a souvenir of your travels, depending on your taste, you could find it in Manuel Antonio. Any canvas can be taken off its square and rolled for easy transport, special requests for particular scenes and/or paintings made in certain colours are accepted, and overall, piece pricing is reasonable.

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Have you ever purchased local artwork while on vacation? Share your piece stories and/or photos!

Pura vida!

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