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Pura Vida! eh? is an advertising corporation serving travellers across the globe visiting beautiful Costa Rica. Through our business (and our Reach Out Costa Rica Travel Philanthropy Project) we support Costa Rican nationals, businesses, and the country’s natural resources. We also manage the Costa Rica Travel Blog, the Costa Rica Blog Network, Costa Rica Promotions, and our newest project–the best Costa Rica travel guide we could imagine–DIY Costa Rica.


Pura Vida! eh? operates a free online travel and tourism voucher system. From Pura Vida! eh? travellers obtain vouchers for popular Costa Rica day tours (no payments required) which are given to tour operators in Costa Rica in return for discounts or cash back savings. Perhaps the easiest way to understand our business is to imagine our vouchers as coupons. The more coupons you collect, the more money you save. Pura Vida! eh? simply advertises the best day tours that Costa Rica has to offer and provides travellers with a means of participating in the activities for less. Unlike travel and tourism organizations such as travel agencies, we neither “sell” vacation items to travellers nor accept any money or credit card information from them. Instead, travellers pay tour operators directly for their reservations; they have nothing to lose by obtaining our online vouchers, they pay nothing to Pura Vida! eh? for the day tours they want for their trip, and they save a ton throughout the process!


No catch! Our business is the result of our affiliations with hundreds of tour operators throughout Costa Rica. Our investment in the companies and the day tours they provide benefit travellers in that they are now able to gain access to cheaper tours via Pura Vida! eh?. All we ask is that you choose to reserve your Costa Rica day tours through us (again, our service is 100% free) and as a result of our corporate associations you pay only the cheapest rates as advertised on our website. Gaining access to discounts and cash back savings is that easy! No payments, no credit card information, no risk, no hassle. Just great rewards!


Great! We would love to share this information with you and go on and on about how well we know beautiful Costa Rica and how pleased travellers are with our help. Feel free to browse our “Team” page to learn more about us or read what others have to say about us on our “Testimonials” page. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and we are fortunate to have travellers refer to our service as superior time and time again! For more information about our operation, you may also find value in reading the following pages:

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  1. You’re such a beautiful and amazing couple Nikki & Ricky. We need more people like you in the world who’s paying it forward with motivation rather than money. Stay true, thank YOU! 🙂

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    I looked through the national parks, the water falls, the hanging bridges and the volcano. Those would be great vacations. The information here is great. I will forward this link to my daughter – she and her husband are always looking for great places like this to travel. I will be following to keep up with your posts.
    Thanks again for stopping by! Come by again soon!

  3. Thanks for following my blog! 🙂 Although my travel adventures on there are of the virtual kind haha. :p

  4. Hello! Thank you for following me at I Live Because He Lives. I love your site – it’s very comprehensive and inviting and it truly shows the natural beauty of Costa Rica.
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  5. I visited Costa Rica and home stayed at a small town called Siquirres. I would much like to go Costa Rica again, and this blog looks resourceful. It will be much help for my next trip. Thanks!

  6. Hi thanks for following my blog! Your blog really does gives a lot of tips regarding Costa Rica, hopefully one day I’m able to visit there!

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  8. It’s on my bucket list of places to vacation!! Thanks for the follow and I’m really enjoying reading through your blog and all the beautiful pictures!!

  9. Thanks for following, I have been in Costa Rica, but only for a day and only is San Jose, still was beautiful, but I was so jealous of the tourist that were heading to one of your paradises!!

  10. Como no habia visto esta pagina antes? Excelente contenido! Que dicha que le revisaron mi pagina, asi me direccionaron a la suya! Pura vida!

  11. Great great blog you got here. Pleased to meet you two!

    I’m raising a toast for more adventures and places to visit.

    • Sony Fugaban –
      Salud (cheers) to that toast! Thanks so much for the well-wishes. We hope to contribute to one of your weekly photo contests soon! 🙂
      Pura vida!

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    thanks for stopping by and for the follow! i was ‘there’ for 2 weeks in july after a 2-year absence. even w/muni problems, it was good to be back. i love your blog – so positive! lisa/z

  15. Wow! How’d I love to get to Costa Rica someday (I hear you need money and time for travel but I could be wrong). When I do finally get around to planning a trip, I’ll have to be sure to come back to this site. I do want to thank you for visiting my humble blog and for following. I know my visit here is painfully overdue but I’m trying to make the rounds. 🙂 thanks again!

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  17. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. You make a lovely couple and have created a amazing blog. Would like to come to Costa Rica some day. Recently made a friend from the place, who visited my home this Sunday.

    • swamiupendra –
      Thanks so much for your kind comment! <> Costa Ricans (Ticos) are such humble, friendly people – making friends with them is easy. Throw a ‘pura vida’ or two in your next conversation with them and await the smile. 😉
      Pura vida!

  18. Gorgeous blog, and amazingly comprehensive. Great job. Thanks for ‘visiting’ me in Ghana too!

    • Chris –
      Ghana looks amazing! It is always great to meet and connect with other people who are living abroad. It’s such a special thing to want to spend a large part of one’s life on unfamiliar territory – incredibly humbling and rewarding. A colleague of mine is from Ghana and she always spoke so highly of her homeland. I’d love to visit one day, and if I ever make the trip I’ll use your blog as a resource for sure. Keep up the great work! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  19. Thanks for the follow! Costa Rica is a place I very much hope to visit in the near future, and now I know where to come for all of the best CR advice!

    • Heather –
      Costa Rica is certainly worth a visit – would love to see you in-country one day! Thanks so much for offering to use us as a trip resource should you ever decide to come. 🙂
      Pura vida!

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      Thank you so much! We really enjoyed your recent post “entering the suite life” – it made me think of the many mesmerizing hotels we’ve come across in Costa Rica. Come see some for yourself – we’d love to hear you report back on them! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  21. Congratulations, guys, for your great job in favor of Costa Rica. Thank you too for checking por blog peruenroute. I am very interested in making my blog a .com as well but i have more questions than answers especially about the domain and server topics. Could you give some advice based on your experience please about to move from a free blog to my own domain blog and how to put it into a server. i really appreciate your advice.

    • Peru En RoUte –
      Thanks so much for the pat on the back! 🙂 You have SUCH great information available to travellers for Peru. If anyone reading this is thinking about travelling to Peru next, visit – its a great resource!
      For your site-specific questions, at the moment we are using (not, so unfortunately we cannot comment on self-hosted blog platform options. However, the option is working well for us, we simply use the css customization option to alter the look and feel of our blog as per our own taste. We also opted for the domain name upgrade, which simply allows bloggers to use their own domain name for a blog. Hope this helps!
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    I believe I could be one of the few surfers in this world who have never visited Costa Rica. Most of my fellow surfers are baffled by this information when we talk about our travels. I do have to change this however and soon! Your site seems to just about all the information I need to make a balanced choice when I can go.

    Thanks and here is to a productive 2013 to the both of you!

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  27. Thanks for following. Peru is next in September, but maybe Costa Rica soon.

  28. Thanks for the visit! Just returned from a year and a half there. Mi corazon es en Costa Rica siempre!

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  30. Thanks for stopping by grammietravels. In 2011 I almost moved to CR. I visited twice to check it out. Well, not yet, but love your posts and seeing the great photos. Warm memories…

  31. Hi, thanks for following my photography blog! your posts are so useful and up beat- this is a true gem for my future conquest of costa rica:)

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    This blog looks great! Definitely one to watch!

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  39. Gracias por gusto y siguiendo mi blog, incluyendo mi entrevista del autor con Nitra Gipson. He visitado Costa Rica en la primavera pasada, y me encanto.

  40. ¡Hola Pura Vida! Gracias por seguirme. I absolutely love Costa Rica and hope to go back someday (I spent a few months there as a little girl). It is such a beautiful place and me encantan los ticos. Look forward to reading your posts! Saludos desde Texas.

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      Thank you for the comment! Hope all is well with you over at Living An Ecumenical Life. 🙂
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      Thank you so much for your kind offer! We would love to assist you however you need with your future trip planning. If you have any questions at all, we are always here and ready to help! 🙂
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    • becky6259 –
      Thanks so much for your comment! Costa Rica isn’t that far from the Midwest… 😉
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    • ideflex –
      Our name is a dead giveaway! 😉 Our roots are both Costa Rican and Canadian, so our company name “Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated” is the perfect blend of both!
      Pura vida!

  43. Thanks for liking and following my blog. Glad to see yours. I’m looking at new destinations for yoga retreats for 2013 and think Costa Rica might be a good choice. Thanks for all the great information!

    • Chris Griffin –
      Namaste. Costa Rica is extremely popular for yoga retreats. There are too many to list here, however we can email you some suggestions if you do decide to go with CR as your destination of choice. Yoga on the beach is a popular favourite, as is yoga + stand-up paddling if this activity interests you at all! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  44. Hello Pura Vida. Great web site. I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica. Must be a beautiful country. I’ve been to Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil but never Costa Rica. I know now who to contact. Thank you for taking a look at my posting and certainly apprecaite you spending time with my blogs. Take care. B

    • cielotech –
      Both Puerto Rico and Brazil are on our lists! 🙂 Although we cannot compare Costa Rica to these two countries as we haven’t yet experienced them for ourselves, the country is worth a visit – hands down! 🙂
      Pura vida!

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    Your blog is lovely and fun! I’m going to enjoy exploring it.

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      Thank you so much for your very kind comments! We love how honest your posts are – it is quite refreshing. Congrats to you and “Pish’s Blog of Loveliness” on the “Very Inspiring Blog Award”. 🙂
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      Pura vida!

  47. Thanks for visiting my blog, I was in Costa Rica in 1964 with the Royal Navy.

  48. Hi there! Thank you so much for following my blog, FUNSIZEclothes. I love that your website lets me get a dose of culture in my day. Your post on Costa Rican coffee particularly piqued my interest as a coffee lover – I’m sipping on coffee as I’m typing this =) Thanks again!

    • CL –
      That is great to hear! We are so happy to know that our post on Costa Rican coffee (where it comes from and what it takes for us to get it) not only intrigued, but hopefully educated you. Hope you’re enjoying that cup of coffee! 😉
      Pura vida!

    • beingserbian –
      Thank you for the comment! All the best to you over at “Supposably News”. 🙂
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  49. This is nice! You make Costa Rica sound so inviting. I went to work and live in Peru for a while and said I want to go to Brazil in the future, but looking at your site, I think Costa Rica will be added to that. I think I’ll share this with a TEFL group on facebook because I think it’ll be helpful for those who want to travel there.

    • Butterfly Jewel –
      Thank you so much for your kind recommendation! We would love to assist any and all travellers to Costa Rica. If the TEFL group you mention has any questions at all, please let them know that we are here to help however they need! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  50. Thank you for liking my post and following my blog! Will try to keep it interesting for you. Cheers, Chiarina

  51. Looks like I would have tons of art and haiku inspiration in Costa Rica!! Thanks for following the Art Prescription. Hmmmmm…destination art workshops!!

    • beverlydyer –
      We LOVE that idea – destination art workshops! This may just be a spur-of-the-moment thought, however if you consider following up on this idea, do let us know so we can help promote the cause! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  52. Hi there. Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my post. I like your blog as well. I’ll have fun browsing through it! 🙂

    • Lady Yoga –
      Thanks so much for your visit as well! Your faux Spanish Tortilla looks delicious! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  53. Thank you for choosing to follow my yoga blog. I hope you noticed from my books page that have written two Young Adult novels set in Costa Rica.

    • margaretg7 –
      Thank you so much for your comment! Have you been to Costa Rica before (perhaps for your book research)? We are interested in the two novels – I am going to comment directly on your blog about them now. 🙂
      Pura vida!

    • sarahcradit –
      Costa Rica is hands down a “must see” country. Of course we are biased, but it simply offers too much to miss. 😉 Can’t wait to follow your travel Series over at “…and then there was Sarah” and possibly read about your Costa Rica experiences one day!
      Pura vida!

  54. What a great blog! I have sent the link to a friend of mine who recently visited a sloth sanctuary in CR and loved the animals, the people and the country. She LOVES your posts and information. Thanks so much. And thanks for stopping by the Noontimes.

    • Sarah Myers –
      Thank you so much for your kind offer to recommend us! I would bet that the sloth sanctuary your friend visited was in the Puerto Viejo area of the country ( We’re so glad to hear that she loved her CR experiences and enjoys our posts! Best wishes to you over at “the Noontimes”! 🙂
      Pura vida!

    • moi du toi photography –
      Thanks so much for your kind words! We always try to be so – after all, that’s what life is all about… living! 🙂 We look forward to following your photography.
      P.S. Our golden “Ollie” says hello to your golden “Paddington”.
      Pura vida!

  55. Thank you very much for the like. Hopefully one day I can get to travel your direction too. 🙂

    • Jo – Over the Edge of the Wild –
      Your “Tourist Bali” and “The real Bali” have inspired us to compile a list of “touristy” and “not-so-touristy” Costa Rica experiences. Thanks so much for the comment and the great future blog post idea! 🙂
      Pura vida!

      • Glad we could help 🙂 It would be silly to go somewhere and not go to the tourist spots, but I really like trying to see not-so-touristy stuff as well. It’s harder to find though – as soon as Lonely Planet says something is ‘off the beaten track’ the track moves. Having more sites about it might help the rest of us find some gems before the tourist buses all arrive en masse!

        • Jo – Over the Edge of the Wild –
          That is SO true! Great quote “as soon as Lonely Planet says something is ‘off the beaten track’ the track moves”. Your comment has inspired us to write a post on this topic – not only informing travellers of some of the ‘gems’ (as you note), but perhaps also educating travellers on way to keep these sites as authentic and ‘less touristy’ as possible. 🙂
          Pura vida!

  56. This looks great! I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica! Thank you so much for liking and following my blog!

    • hekrulewski –
      You are more than welcome – thank YOU for the comment, and for the beautiful poetry you share on “Throughmyhearts”. 🙂
      Pura vida!

  57. Comprehensive site! Okay, Costa Rica is now officially part of my future travel plans. Keep up the great work, this blog is really impressive!

    • musicwork –
      That is great to hear! Costa Rica would love to have you one day! 🙂 Should you decide to make the trip and have any questions at all, we’re here to help!
      Pura vida!

  58. that’s a very cool site of yours! i haven’t thought about costa rica as a travel destination yet, but perhaps i need to change mind one day. thanks for visiting & following my site!

    • GalonTrip –
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! You have SUCH an extensive travel repertoire – we would love to see you add Costa Rica to your list someday so that we can read about your experiences on your blog! 🙂
      Pura vida!

    • Steve Manning –
      The same goes out to you! We would love to visit Australia one day, and your beautiful pictures make Port Macquarie look incredible. We’ve never been to Australia, but your posts just inspired us to find out exactly where Port Macquarie is located within the country. Should we ever visit (and likely fly into/out of Sydney), we will gladly make the trip north to experience your neck of the woods! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  59. I hope by pressing my gravatar you will see my bloig. Thanks for visiting 🙂

    • Some Photos & Fancies –
      Thank you for the kind comment! We would be honored to be your reference-of-choice for your Costa Rica trip. 🙂 All the best to you throughout 2013!
      Pura vida!

  60. Thanks for following my blog! I’m very happy to have someone from one of my favorite places in the world (CR is SUCH an amazing place!) following my blog. Next time I get some freedom to get out of the country I hope to make another visit!

      • I spent a few days in Corcovado National Park and then went back to San Jose, rented a car and drove over to Puerto Viejo for a week. There’s a lot more I want to see!

        • robmolokai –
          That’s so great to hear! I bet you absolutely loved Corcovado (whereabouts did you stay?) and then had a blast at the beach on the Caribbean side. We’d recommend visits to the Monteverde and Arenal areas upon your next trip, and of course, a trip over to the northern pacific coast to round-out your overall experience! 🙂
          Pura vida!

          • Yes, I actually can’t wait to go back to Corcovado…such an intense place!

            Here are some photos from my trip:

            And yes, the Caribbean side was great…I loved the laid back vibe at Puerto Viejo. Monteverde, Arenal and the northern Pacific Coast are all on the list as well…I can see myself coming back again and again. Since I enjoy photography and nature so much it’s like a dream!

            Pura vida!


            • Rob Jones –
              Your Flickr photos are great! Such amazing shots! We love the one of the sloth’s face particularly (and the ‘suicide shower’ caption gave us a laugh). 🙂 I’m so glad you had such a great time and it sounds like you have plans to make it back again some day – we can’t wait to see your photos when you make the return trip!
              Pura vida!

              • Oh I definitely plan on making it back someday…maybe even this year, if I can make it happen. I’d love to relocate there at some point, if only for a few months. The people, the scenery…I LOVE it!!!

            • Rob Jones –
              Drake Bay is BEAUTIFUL! Did you have a chance to make it over to Cano Island at all?
              Pura vida!

              • I didn’t get to make it over to Cano…I wanted to, but I was really only in Drake Bay for a couple of days on either end of my Corcovado trip. I can’t wait to go to Corcovado again!

  61. Hey thanks for following my blog. All I have to do now is work out a way of coming to Costa Rica so i can give you a good review!

    • kevinmayne –
      Thanks so much for the comment! That would be amazing – if you ever do make the trip, we’d be honored to help you out however you need. 🙂
      Pura vida!

  62. Namaste…thank you for visiting and following my blog 🙂 I look forward to reading your fantastic blog too.

    • Lakshmi Loves To Shop –
      Namaste… and thank you for the comment! We just tried to re-visit your site but the link did not work. I don’t think the blog was deleted – would you be able to re-send us the correct link so we can keep reading your posts? Thank you!
      Pura vida!

    • wildsherkin –
      Thanks so much for the comment! We’d love for you to visit Costa Rica, and would love to make it to Sherkin Island ourselves one day! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  63. Thanks for following my blog! My India mom is staying in Costa Rica for a month. I will send her your link! 🙂 xo

    • set2sit –
      Thank you for much for your kind offer to recommend us! 🙂 If she needs anything at all (or has any questions) please let her know that she can contact us at any time!
      Pura vida!

  64. Hi- Thank you for following my photography blog. Loved our Costa Rica trip and your blog is very interesting!

    • Jane Lurie –
      Your photography is beautiful! We would love to see photos from your Costa Rica trip! I searched your blog but couldn’t spot any – did I miss them? If none are yet available, perhaps this could be inspiration for a return trip? 😉
      Pura vida!

  65. Thanks for the follow – I visited Costa Rica a few years back and loved it (highlights were for sure the sea turtle in the middle of the night and getting shots of Arenal on a clear day). I want to travel to so many countries, and Costa Rica is one I will for sure repeat. Have a great day and Pura Vida indeed 🙂

    • alwayshungry4 –
      Those are AMAZING highlights! Should you ever decide to re-visit we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and/or help you plan a second trip that is different (yet, equally as enjoyable) as the first! 🙂
      Pura vida!

      • I would love that! I just posted pics of my Costa Rica trip – it made me motivated to want to go back! Have a wonderful day 🙂

        • alwayshungry4 –
          We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Costa Rica pics (we commented on your blog re: the post as well!). All the best to you over at “Are Ya Gonna Eat That?” this year! 🙂
          Pura vida!

    • Quirky Little Planet –
      You are more than welcome for the visit! Your blog is too cute to resist. Come visit Costa Rica! It is definitely bucket list worthy and we would love to read about your experiences on Quirky Little Planet! 🙂
      Pura vida!

    • Dawn D.
      Thank you so much for your comment! I love learning about yoga – I am a beginner->intermediate myself, and am always looking to learn more. I first caught your “flavors of yoga” post and just read your “flavors of paleo” post. Such interesting and informative reads! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  66. Thanks so much for following my blog guys! I’ll be reading your posts too, seeing as I’m planning to visit your side of the world in the not-too-distant future 🙂 All the best from Edinburgh

    • red and rose –
      That is amazing! When and where in the country do you plan to visit? Should you have any questions at all about the country, please never hesitate to contact us ( as we are more than happy to help you however you need!
      Pura vida!

      • Thanks so much, I’ll keep that in mind! I’m looking at doing some volunteering in Belize and travelling around the area thereafter. Cheers

        • red and rose –
          That would be great! Send us a note whenever you make it to Central America and we will do our best to help you however you need. 🙂
          Pura vida!

    • naiadseye –
      We loved the post – especially “om mani padme hum”. How utterly beautiful and rich in purpose. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂
      Pura vida!

      • Thank you very much! Coincidentally, ‘padme’ means lotus, and a naiad is a type of nymph and nymphaea is the botanical name for the lotus!

        You have a very extensive blog on Costa Rica…quite helpful for tourists 🙂

  67. Thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow my blog! Who knows I may make it to Costa Rica some time … in the meantime if I hear of anyone coming your way, I’ll certainly recommend this blog to them.

    • ukgardenfiend –
      That is so kind! Thank you so much for offering to recommend us to future Costa Rica visitors. We are always here and happy to help anyone and everyone travelling to Costa Rica, so we look forward to assisting your friends/family/readers however they need! 🙂
      Pura vida!

  68. Thanks for dropping by & liking A Foot in Two Canoes.
    Time in the pure water of Costa Rica looks most refreshing… some day!!!

    • daXmom –
      Thanks so much for the comment. Your blog is both educational and inspiring. Thank you for all that you do to provide worthwhile information to those who need it. 🙂 On a lighter note, yes! Come and experience Costa Rica’s lakes and rivers for yourself. Costa Rica would love to have you…
      Pura vida!

  69. Hi guys – thank you so much for stopping by my blog! do you ever blieve in fate? The reason why I ask, is that two days ago my husband and put in our ‘bid’ as to where our next post is going to be after Mexico and Costa Rica made it on our top 3 choices! And then today I find your blog! I love how the world works some time 🙂 Looking forward to exploring your site!

    • The Travelling Chopsticks –
      That IS great timing! What are the odds? I suppose everything happens for a reason. 🙂 We’d love to see Costa Rica added to your “Travel Bug” page. Should you someday make the trek to CR, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have – we are always here and happy to help!
      Pura vida!

  70. Thank you for following my blog 🙂 Costa Rica looks so beautiful, I hope I get to visit one day – there are so many lovely pictures on your blog. Best wishes to you.

    • philmaxbear –
      Best wishes to you as well! Costa Rica is more beautiful than we could possibly describe in 1000 posts. We hope you make it to CR one day to experience the beauty for yourself! 🙂
      Pura vida!

    • Burndog –
      You are very welcome for the follow! I just tried re-visiting your blog but it no longer exists. Hope to see you return to the blogosphere!
      Pura vida!

  71. Thanks for the follow! Lovely blog you have here 🙂 Keep up the great work, love the photos and the dedication -makes me want to jump on the next plane for Costa Rica, ahaha!
    Love, Anna

    • Anna Failla –
      Thanks so much for the comment! You are a wonderful photographer. Should you ever make it to Costa Rica there is plenty of beauty and action to capture! Although I don’t know if Costa Rica can compete with the “puppy eyes”… adorable!
      Pura vida!

      • Thank you so so so so much! You just showered me with compliments, you’re too sweet 🙂 I will make sure to take my camera with me if I ever get to the beautiful land that you portray here! Pura vida :DD

        • Anna Failla –
          No problem! The compliments are well deserved. We’d LOVE to see photos from a Costa Rica trip, so please let us know if you do ever make it to CR. There are SO many street dogs down here – perhaps you could create a Costa Rican series of “puppy eyes”. 😉
          Pura vida!

    • tristaisshort –
      Thanks so much for the comment! So true! Some places/experiences are just too good to miss. 😉 Best wishes to you over at your short stories & thoughts blog!
      Pura vida!

  72. Nice post. It is both informative and insightful. Very interesting topic for Costa Rica travel. Thank you very much for providing this information. Keep on posting. Job well done.

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