This One’s For The Sloth-Lovers… Meet Our Surprise Costa Rican House Guest!

Here’s a first for us. We’re familiar with sloths – we’ve seen them hanging out in the trees overhead while exploring Costa Rica’s numerous national parks, watched one glide across a telephone cable in Monteverde, and even transported one to a local zoo just outside La Fortuna de San Carlos that had fallen and was lying on the side of the road (it sadly passed away in the van en route). However, we have never had the privilege of entertaining one at home. Not until this past week, that is.


Our Costa Rican House Guest!

Meet Rapida. We gave her the name (which translates into English as “fast”) as she was the speediest three-toed sloth we have ever seen. Typically known for being agonizingly slow movers, Rapida the sloth made her way around the back of the house in no time at all. She visited with us for a few hours (napping every so often as sloths regularly do) before she continued on to the nearby forest.

View a short video of our surprise house guest and watch Rapida the Sloth bump her head on our light bulb!

For more information about the three-toed sloths, apart from visiting Costa Rica and experiencing them first hand of course, check out National Geographic’s biography. For those sloth-lovers who make it to beautiful Costa Rica, don’t forget to add a stop at the Sloth Sanctuary to your itinerary.

Question to comment on: Sloths are one of the cutest species of Costa Rican wildlife – agree or disagree?

Pura vida!

28 responses to “This One’s For The Sloth-Lovers… Meet Our Surprise Costa Rican House Guest!

  1. This is an enlightening read for me. As a wildlife tour operator, I very well know, that you can’t be closer to the ground truths.

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  3. These animals are just incredible, how they manage to survive being so slow I have no idea. It’s an incredible feat of evolution. I thought they posed a danger to humans though? Obviously not!

  4. So cool! That’s the cool thing about Costa Rica – no matter where you are, you are immersed in the natural world and development integrates with habitat and doesn’t overpower it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Thanks for the “like” and follow on thesaltwatertwin! Rapida is so cute. I love sloths. They can be good role models. I used a pic of one for a post I did called In Praise of Slowness.

  6. This is great! Thanks for following my blog because now I’ve found your blog!
    Costa Rica is definitely in my travel future, so this is a great resource. I look forward to meeting a sloth one day.

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. Almost human-like, that face. Just hilarious. Thanks for following my blog!

  8. I think she is gorgeous! She is smiling all the while…I could not play the video :(. It is just a black box. What a fantastic experience to have such a visit…I visited Costa Rica as a little girl (47 years ago!!). I have so many vivid memories of black, volcanic sand, coffee plantations, amazing plants/ trees. Never a sloth though!

  9. Sloths are unbelievably cute. One of my new students said of everything Costa Rica has to offer, he is most excited about seeing a sloth. Love it. Great post and great luck!

  10. These are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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