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Oops! This Blog Post Has Moved!

Oops! This Blog Post Has Moved!

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on May 29th, 2017.

OOPS! We have moved our blog post Ready, Set, Mo! Happy Movember Everyone! to another location. Please click on the title above to read the blog post on its new page. Thank you for travelling with us!

Nikki and Ricky

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2 thoughts on “Oops! This Blog Post Has Moved!”

  • Almost forgot to ask . . . Is this Nikki or Ricky I am messaging? Also, where do you run your business from, i.e., do you live in Costa Rica or the United States? Thanks!

    • blade3colorado –
      This is Nikki at the moment. As for Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated, we split our time between both countries as we have property and offices in each. 🙂
      Pura vida!

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