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Support Humble Businesses? Visit Monteverde Villa Lodge In Monteverde!

Support Humble Businesses? Visit Monteverde Villa Lodge In Monteverde!

Last updated on April 29th, 2021 at 03:54 pm EST

Cabinas - tucked away in a forest of green
Cabinas – tucked away in a forest of green

At Pura Vida! eh? Incorporated, we leave our home in La Fortuna/Arenal and travel the country often in order to perform site inspections at the various hotels we offer to our clients. The problem with visiting Monteverde however, is that we never want to stay anywhere else but Monteverde Villa Lodge. Alright, so we do offer many, many great hotels in the Monteverde region (and have visited them also), but there is something about the simplicity + calmness + friendly atmosphere provided by these quaint little cabins that just equals a great stay.

Breakfast at Monteverde Villa Lodge
Breakfast at Monteverde Villa Lodge

This hotel property is small, quiet, and located within walking distance to downtown santa elena. Rates are greatly priced, breakfast is included, and the cabins offer preferred amenities such as hot water, wireless internet, cable tv, and kitchenettes. Beyond these desired features, the best thing about this hotel is its owners – Heiner and Ana. New friends of ours as a result of our regular stays at their hotel, these two individuals offer travellers more than they could ask for, from friendly service with a smile to great advice about their town. The icing on the cake (or should I say the jelly on the toast?) was the homemade guava jam served at breakfast made from the guava fruit trees at the front of the hotel.

Hmmm... homemade guava jam!
Hmmm… homemade guava jam!

When our clients ask us for an affordable place to stay in Monteverde, we always think of Monteverde Villa Lodge first. We could not ask for more from this accommodation option – the tranquil cabins are a perfect representative of the calmness that is Monteverde, and we are happy to recommend this accommodation option to other travellers.

QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Have you stayed at Monteverde Villa Lodge before? What did you think?

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