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Monteverde Hotel Recommendation: Monteverde Country Lodge; A Quiet And Rustic Lodge That Captures The Feel Of Monteverde

Monteverde Hotel Recommendation: Monteverde Country Lodge; A Quiet And Rustic Lodge That Captures The Feel Of Monteverde

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on September 28th, 2017.

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Ricky and Nikki; at the Monteverde Country Lodge


Few destinations in Costa Rica capture and keep our undivided attention as often as Monteverde; a destination that is as much a magical gift of life to the country as the Amazon to the south, Niagara Falls to the north, and the vastness of oceans that surround us. The area is without a doubt a nature lover’s haven that begs for exploration, warrants admiration, and rewards appreciation, and it is no wonder that as recreational hikers, birdwatchers, and photographers, Ricky and I lose ourselves in Monteverde’s maze of amazement each and every time we visit.

In fitting with the region’s natural landscape (and unlike other popular Costa Rica destinations, where a greater number of superior and resort-quality accommodations are present), Monteverde is home to a multitude of rustic lodges, cabins, and eco-friendly hotels. When we visit the area, we wouldn’t dream of staying in anything else; like any truly respectful Monteverde explorer, we would trade high-class, luxury, and fine dining, for bugs, fog, and an authentic taste of the Costa Rican rainforest any day.

As we touch on in our related blog post Should You Visit La Fortuna (Arenal), Monteverde, Or Both Destinations During Your Costa Rica Vacation, many travellers question whether or not the Monteverde region is worth a visit (and, if you cringed at the mere thought of bugs and fog when we mentioned both above, you may be one of those people). Upon reading that blog post, should you decide that you would like to experience and stay in the area, one of our very best Monteverde hotel recommendations is the Monteverde Country Lodge.

Not to be confused with other Monteverde accommodations with similar names (such as the Monteverde Villa Lodge, the Monteverde Rustic Lodge, or the Monteverde Lodge; please see our related blog post Costa Rica Hotel Tip: Can You Name Your Arenal Or Monteverde Hotel? for more information on the importance of knowing your exact accommodation name), the Monteverde Country Lodge is a standard accommodation that offers everything a traveller might want or need to execute the perfect Monteverde trip, without charging more than its worth. Here’s why we value the hotel highly.

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The Monteverde Country Lodge offers an ideal location; not only is the hotel situated less than a five-minute drive from downtown Santa Elena where travellers can access souvenir shops, restaurants, tour operator offices, a bank, grocery stores, and more, but it is also situated down a side road off the main highway that runs between town and the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve. With a location that combines convenience with calmness, and offers close proximity to one of the country’s most precious attractions, the Monteverde Country Lodge is discretely tucked away from the bustle of the downtown core, yet still situated in the heart of it all.

Map courtesy of the Monteverde Country Lodge (and it’s sister property, Hotel Poco A Poco)


Want to know the absolute best thing we do whenever we visit Monteverde? We love to take it all in. Wafts of dew in the air. A monkey troop’s howls. The rustling of plant leaves. A hummingbird afloat midair. The buzz of a cicada’s mating call. The brilliance of a torch flower’s light. The speed of a gecko’s sprint. The warmth of a beam of sunshine broken through the rainforest canopy. Although beauty is abundant throughout Costa Rica, Monteverde is bursting with it in some of its tiniest and most unrecognizable forms as a result of the sheer volume of biodiversity that exists in the region. At the Monteverde Country Lodge, we experienced much of it, including visits from countless species of birds, a natural soundtrack stemming from wildlife and critters that inhabit the neighbouring Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve and Children’s Eternal Rainforest Bajo Del Tigre Reserve, a colourful sunset over the roof of the lodge, and the aroma and taste of locally-roasted coffee produced by one of the country’s best plantations. We loved roaming about the hotel’s property, admiring its many plants, flowers, and trees, and educating ourselves using the flora information placards provided. As if the hotel’s grounds weren’t peaceful and pretty enough, the natural stonework and trickling ornamental water fountains scattered throughout the property’s gardens reminded us of nature’s glory.

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Sunset over the Monteverde Country Lodge


Ricky and I aren’t skiers (Costa Rica’s tropical climate makes it rather difficult for us to become ones), but if we were to envision a typical ski chalet, an image of the Monteverde Country Lodge would appear in our minds. The two-storey hotel (renovated in 2010) is almost entirely constructed of wood, complete with wood balconies, wood doors, large wood-framed windows, and a peaked roof. Inside our hotel room we found wood furniture to match, but surprisingly, no funky wood smell–one of a few common downfalls to rustic accommodations, especially in a region such as Monteverde where dampness is the dominant state.

Beyond offering cleanliness and standard amenities (including a private bathroom, hot water, television, safe, and blackout curtains), our room offered little else, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Anything more would have likely increased the price and for little purpose, since the “Monteverde experience” is about becoming one with nature–not sugarcoating it.

Monteverde Country Lodge


This being said, there are a number of extra benefits to staying at the Monteverde Country Lodge that cause the hotel to standout among other similar lodge-type accommodations in the area. For one, we found the live music offered at the hotel’s onsite restaurant to be a nice touch; it brought ambiance and elegance to a low-key evening spent relaxing “at home”. We also enjoyed sitting out on our room’s front patio–a private space that encourages travellers to “grab a book, a glass of wine, or a pair of binoculars and forget about everything else” as the Monteverde Country Lodge notes on their website. Personally, the space was all we needed to carve out some time for recording thoughts in our travel logs and sifting through our bird guides, all while taking in the crisp Monteverde air. The hotel’s buffet breakfast (complete with eggs, toast, pancakes, gallo pinto, fruit, cheese, cold-cut meats, yogurt, cereal, fruit juice, coffee, and tea) and onsite parking are included in the hotel’s room rates, as is wi-fi access, which we had no problem using from within our room. For travellers with young children, a wood playground set is provided at the back of the property complete with swings and slides. And, as a bonus amenity, Monteverde Country Lodge guests are welcome to use the facilities provided by the hotel’s sister property Hotel Poco A Poco (our superior accommodation option in Monteverde, when an upgrade from the Monteverde Country Lodge would be preferred), which is located less than a five-minute drive away. Specifically, travellers who opt to stay at the Monteverde Country Lodge are granted access to Hotel Poco A Poco’s onsite pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, and spa free of charge (restaurant and spa service charges apply).

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Throughout our Costa Rica travels, we have stayed in enough accommodations to know when our money was well spent. There have been times when we searched for high-quality experiences or specific hotel amenities and we were willing to pay extra for them, just as there have been times when we sought only a clean and safe place to sleep at and we had no interest in paying for anything else. At the Monteverde Country Lodge we found a fair balance between cost and quality. It is not a superior accommodation, so travellers looking for more than what a standard accommodation aims to offer might be best to look elsewhere, but at the same time, the hotel is worth paying more for than an economy hotel and/or hostel. Perhaps we would comment otherwise with respect to accommodations located in different towns in Costa Rica, but for Monteverde specifically, we support experiences (including those provided by tours, attractions, and yes, hotels!) that capture the natural, raw, and rustic feel of the area. It is that grassroots feeling that Monteverde is known for, that Monteverde is loved for, and that keeps Monteverde distinct. Seek it during your visit; settling for less is simply missed opportunity.


QUESTION TO COMMENT ON: Have you stayed at the Monteverde Country Lodge? What did you think of your visit?

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If you’re more of a visual learner, take a moment to view our gallery photos below from our most recent visit to the Monteverde Country Lodge.

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