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What Is/Are [Whatever You Can Think Of!]… Our Costa Rica Trip Planning Glossary To The Rescue!

What Medication Or Vaccines/Immunizations Do I Need To Travel To Costa Rica?

What Happens To My Tour Reservations If It Rains?

What Is There To Do (In La Fortuna/Arenal And Manuel Antonio) If It Rains?

How Much Does Food Cost In Costa Rica?

I Am Flying Into Liberia (LIR). Is There A Bank At The Airport Or Where Is The Best Place To Exchange USD?

We Are A Family Of 5 Travelling To Costa Rica. It Is Amazing How Hotels Will Only Allow A Maximum Of 4 People Per Room. Any Advice?

We Are Deciding Between Hotel Tangara In Town Or The Arenal Observatory Lodge. Could You Please Provide Some Pros And Cons To Help Us Decide?

What Logistics Would You Suggest? San Jose To Monteverde (2 Nights) Then To Tamarindo (3 Nights) Then To Arenal (3-4 Nights) Then To Manual Antonio (3 Nights) Then Back To San Jose Area. Would You Do This In A Different Order Or Spend More Or Less Time In Any Location?

I Am Afraid Of Heights. Are There Particular Areas Of Costa Rica Accessible From Either Of The Two Main Airports In Which Driving Would Not Be A Problem?

I Am A Horticulturist, Interested In Tropical Plants, Flowers, Palm Trees, Rain Forests, Jungle Hikes, Etc. I Would Think Costa Rica Would Be An Ideal Place For That. Do You Have Any Information Devoted To This Subject?

I Was Wondering If You Still Have Car Rental Discounts Available?

I Am Lactose Intolerant/Allergic To Milk And/Or Cheese. How Do I Inform Restaurant Staff Of My Allergy In Spanish?

What Do I Do With My Luggage When I Raft The Pacuare River?

How To Raft The Pacuare River To/From Manuel Antonio Or Between Manuel Antonio And *Choose A Location*?

I Will Be Visiting La Fortuna And Playa Carrillo. Which White Water Tour Is The Best In The Areas We Will Be In And The Most Challenging?

I Am Landing In San Jose Around 1PM And Will Then Be Heading To La Fortuna. Is It Possible To Find Transportation To La Fortuna That Afternoon Or Evening, Or Should I Stay The Night In San Jose And Leave For La Fortuna The Next Morning?

What Is The Lunch Or Dinner Included With The Springs Resort Hot Springs Pass?

We Want To Get Married At The La Fortuna Waterfall – Just The Two Of Us. What’s The Best Way To Go About That?

A Member Of Our Party Recently Had ACL Surgery. Can They Participate In Sky Adventures’s Sky Tram Aerial Tram Ride, Sky Trek Canopy Ziplining Tour, And Sky Walk Hanging Bridges?

22 responses to “Questions & Answers: Ask Nikki And Ricky!

  1. My wife and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica that will include La Fortuna/Arenal. Two things we’d like to do are to do a kayak tour of the lake beside Arenal Volcano, and see the La Fortuna waterfall. Is it possible to do these in the same day, or would that be too much? We’re not shy about physical activity (in fact, we want an active vacation), but also don’t want to stretch ourselves to the point that it’s not enjoyable. Thanks!

  2. Hello,
    I would like to ask if it’s possible to rent a car with just cash. I don’t have a credit card. And I would like to avoid using debit card. Any ideas?

    • Aurelija –

      Great question! I cannot say “no” for sure as there may be a smaller vehicle rental agency out there who will allow it, but every vehicle rental agency we have come in personal contact with will not allow cash rentals. 😦 In fact, they will not even allow vehicles to be rented out with a debit card; a credit card is required. This is to guarantee that the renter will be able to provide the security deposit (and have access to available credit) should the vehicle be in an accident or suffer other damages throughout the rental period that the renter must provide payment for upon returning the vehicle.

      Pura vida! 🙂

  3. hello you have much good information on your blog. I am vegan and considering traveling to costa rica you do, however, need to know that vegetarians do not consume fish, as indicated on your blog. Carnivores and omnivores consume fish, not vegetarians.
    Don Mossman

    • Don Mossman –

      Thanks so much for your comment! We have a had a few different people comment on the same regarding our Vegan/Vegetarian blog post, so I will add a special note about it at the top of that article for clarification purposes. 🙂 To confirm, that blog post started out as a post for vegans and vegetarians only (I am a vegetarian), however Ricky–who is a pescatarian (i.e., he consumes fish)–thought it would be good to include options for travellers sharing his dining preference. You are correct, however–vegetarians themselves (like me!) do not eat fish. To avoid any doubt on the part of future readers (and to clarify our intent and perspective when writing our past post with such readers), I’ll add a note to our Vegetarian And Vegan Dining In Costa Rica blog post now.

      Pura vida!


  5. Thanks for all the great information on your website. One question I haven’t been able to find: I am landing in San Jose around 1 pm and will then be heading to La Fortuna. Is it possible to find transportation to La Fortuna that afternoon or evening, or should I stay the night in San Jose and leave for La Fortuna the next morning? If both are possible, what do you recommend?

  6. We were just in costa rica in December and was in the Jaco area. We are now coming back the last week of April and are going to Arenal Lodge for 3 days and then off to Puerto Carrillo. we went white water rafting and loved it but want to do something more aggressive. which white water tour is the best in the areas we will be in and most challenging.

  7. I am a horticulturist, interested in tropical plants, flowers, palm trees, rain forests, jungle hikes, etc. I would think Costa Rica would be an ideal place for that but I don’t see much on any of your pages. Does DIY CR have any project devoted to this subject?

  8. Ok.. you guys have done us a great service with this blog and your other services. Thanks ahead of time.. Here’s my question… Want to get married at la fortuna waterfall – just the two of us. Best way to go about that? wedding planner seems a bit silly; as just us and a commitment ceremony – not even interested in “legal marriage” there, just an exchange of vows, rings, and photos. What do you suggest?

    Thanks so much !!

  9. I am thinking of vacationing in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks in 2017.However, I am very afraid of heights so I have some concerns that the landscape might not be suitable for me. I would be frightened of windy, high roads even roads that are not exceptionally high but do not have guard rails and are bumpy. I love wildlife, birding, and nature. Are there particular areas of Costa Rico accessible from either of the two main airports in which driving would not be a problem and in which I would be able to go to nature reserves etc.? I would primarily be residing in one location or two but then driving to sightsee other areas. Thank you so much for any help you may provide.

  10. Hi, what is the best way to combine Arenal, Quepos/Manuel Antonio and the Pacuare river (one day on river)?

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