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Arenal Hotel Recommendation: Silencio Del Campo; An Authentic And Rustic Hideaway In La Fortuna / Arenal

Arenal Hotel Recommendation: Silencio Del Campo; An Authentic And Rustic Hideaway In La Fortuna / Arenal

NOTE: The content on this page was last updated on October 2nd, 2017.

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Anyone who has spent time researching hotel options in Costa Rica’s La Fortuna/Arenal region knows the destination offers more options than travellers really need. There are over one hundred accommodations to choose from, forcing travellers to get downright picky when it comes to selecting their preferred hospedaje (lodging). Gone are the days of requesting a hotel with merely A/C, hot water, and cable TV. Travellers can now include unique features, practices, and amenities to their hotel checklist, including volcano views, onsite hot springs, onsite yoga studios, self-sufficient organic farming routines, and countless other extras.

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Silencio del Campo
Villa; outside

Some people go one step further and search for a hotel that can provide them with the particular feel, atmosphere, or experience they are looking to get out of their trip. This is especially true of travellers looking for a rustic lodging experience that offers a more natural environment to relax in than the concrete jungle they most likely came to Costa Rica to escape. Whenever travellers ask us for a rustic accommodation option in the area, we do not hesitate to recommend the villas at El Silencio Del Campo (don’t miss our Costa Rica Hotel Recommendations Series: Where To Stay In La Fortuna/Arenal for additional hotel recommendations according to different accommodation types).


El Silencio Del Campo is one of the prettiest natural accommodations that we have had the pleasure of visiting throughout our travels around Costa Rica. Too often, words like natural, authentic, and rustic give off a negative vibe synonymous with a “roughing it” experience (enter visions of camping trips, outhouses. and outdoor showers here). While such thoughts of the outdoors can sometimes be a good thing, the problem with these comparisons is that they fail to inform travellers of just how rewarding, beautiful, and enjoyable the described experiences can be–no unexpected run-ins with wild animals required.

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Villa - Inside
Villa – Inside

In fact, it is the very essence of the outdoors that gives El Silencio Del Campo its charm, from the wooden villa accommodations to the onsite lagoon-like hot springs to the property’s general cabin-esque feel. Combine these features with more contemporary elements (such as the chandelier and flat screen television you will find in your room) and you’ve got the perfect example of how rustic can be rewarding and how authentic can be classy. The mindful and perceptive traveller will note subtle qualities, superior in the least obvious of ways. Upon our most recent visit, Ricky and I picked up on the quantity of birds that inhabit the area. Although located in the same region as the majority of other La Fortuna/Arenal hotels, El Silencio Del Campo seemed to attract more birds than we had seen elsewhere. We also loved the presentation of breakfast served at the onsite La Paz Del Campo restaurant. Although a staple Costa Rican meal–gallo pinto–the plate design and decoration was perfectly tipico (typical) and highly representative of the local culture. As we’d say in Costa Rica, it was “puro tico”–100% Costa Rican. Not feeling the rice and beans mix? Visitors can skip the gallo pinto breakfast for a stack of banana-infused flapjacks.

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Silencio del Campo
Ricky; relaxing by the hot springs

Overall, El Silencio Del Campo is an accommodation option sure not to disappoint the traveller who is looking for a down-to-earth, clean, secure place to pass the nights at in La Fortuna/Arenal. Their hot springs are larger and more spread out than the hotel’s website suggests, which is a surprising treat for most guests. Enjoy a cold one by the pool or relax in your chalet away from home at the quaint rustic hideaway.


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If you’re more of a visual learner, take a moment to view our gallery photos below from our most recent visit to El Silencio Del Campo.

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  • The place is truly a heaven…..while going through these pictures silently in my bedroom…i felt a slight shiver…..all over….like I was in that place…..I wish i could make it to this place.
    Thank you again for showing it to me.,

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